About benita

Genia Benita - The Diva

Hey there. 👋🏾

I'm Genia, the "Diva" behind Benita the Diva (Benita is my real middle name)

The only flower in my garden (read: my family) that was planted and sprouted in Clutch City, H-Town, the City of Syrup, Space City, Screwston.... all synonymous for Houston, TX. 😏

One high school diploma, two bachelor degree's, and random life events montage later.... I started this website dedicated to "making a statement". A fashion statement - literally - by writing about my experiences. And, figuratively through my fashion designs

Aside from the basics: I'm 3/5th introverted, my natural habitat is at a music festival, full blown Scorpio, infatuated with all things shiny, and I can be a lil' extra sometimes.  

If you want to know more,

then feel free to REACH OUT